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Affiliate Marketing System

Part time business has become a fashion and a good way for many people to develop their side business. The Agent system has gradually moved towards standardization, which has also ensured more people. The following summarizes the characteristics of the agent system.



  • Through information distributors, users and product managers, a complete unbounded data marketing is constructed, which fully demonstrates the development model of big data.

Reduce Cost Of Operation

  • This can directly reduce the cost of operation, and the cost of investment can be controlled within a range, which can guarantee the stable protection of users’ funds

Clear division of labour.

  • Because the model has a very clear three-level distribution system, everyone’s job is very clear and has their own position, which can also reduce the burden on some employees.

Help Multi Level Marketing

  • In the form of shop-in-shop, it can help multi level marketing business sales staff and strong fans, and the loyalty is also very high.

Secure your privacy

  • Binding of the interests of the company can ensure the safety of the sales staff’s funds. The user's data can be more secure, will not worry about leaking their privacy, and can shop with confidence.

Agent Management

Ant Force Smart Agent system, different agent modes, by issue a QR code and become a certified agent. Growth your business in smart and convenience ways.

Agent Commission

Agent can view the statistics of the commission growth and increase their spirit performance in selling your product or services

Agent Performance

Manage agent performance based on team member or sales target and provide reward.

Drop Shipping Management

Manage all parcel and shipping detail allow the agent or customer track the parcel status in the system anywhere.

Cloud Warehouse Center

Manage All the Information of Product Information Seamlessly. QR-Code Anti-counterfeiting, Regional Merchandising Reminder, Product Tracking and Tracing, Tracking and Monitoring the Flow of Goods in The Whole Scene.

Order Management

Help your business improve ordering efficiency at full speed, and realize perfect assembly line operation 24 hours online, anytime, anywhere, multi-level prices, order records, one-click create order

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