Improve performance of existing teams and standardize serving process

By setting standards, your business can be more efficient and it’s service exceeding expectations in many ways.
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Innovation and Technology
in the F&B

Techhonolgy-enabled improvement to operations

In the light of the challenges faced, the food and beverage industry is working hard to meet evolving needs. Third Pillar helps you overcome these challenges through our digital solutions. Align your internal processes to meet customers demands as quickly as possible.

System Feature

System Feature

Digital Catalog (E-Menu)
Digital catalog is very convenient, which allow you to share your products with your customers in a matter of seconds.
Systematic Process
Easy to execute, compare, and understand the systematic process.
System Auto Record and Ready Reporting
Having a process that is extremely streamlined from start to finish.

Solution for your business

Reduce Waste / Better Control Of Equipment

Identify any anomalies occurring in each step of the processes. Businesses could optimize the usage of machines and equipment.

Enhance Customer's Experience

With data analytic integrated, business owners could better understanding their customers for instant serve their need.

Smooth Operation Management

Provinces reports and analysis in predicting the actions of the potential of both producers and customers in the market.

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To improve performance of existing teams and standardize serving process

Ultimate Way To Sell Food Online
Beat your online competitors in the fastest and easiest way! Keep your restaurant website simple and easy to navigate. Each guest that visits your website should be amazed by its design and food pictures.
Loyalty Program & Reward
How to attract new customers? Your business is nothing without your customers. Forget paper cards with stamps, go digital. For both online with a dedicated app or website, and offline at a restaurant, to get more orders from them!
Table Reservation System
Reserve table manually spend longer time checking the schedule before making confirmation to customers? Using an online restaurant reservation system gives customers the freedom to make a booking whenever they like without having to call you.
Payment Options
Customers might not want to make large purchases with cash? Increase sales by offering your customers' preferred method of payment.
Collect Customer Feedback
Make it easier for your restaurant to collect customer feedback. Keep improving the quality of your food and service based on their comments and opinions
Automatic Report Generation
Advanced sales report that not only show basic data, but the detailed data of each products from the menu.

What client said about Our Services?

Thank you Ant Force provide the E-commerce platform services.
Ant Force was very helpful explaining exactly what the problem was and did everything necessary to resolve the issue. They were very patient with me and provided excellent customer service!
HoneyBeez Cafe
I would like to express my satisfaction on the service regarding the development of our website. Jack and the development team did a very professional job.
Look forward to working with Ant Force again in future projects.
MultiLevel Marketing System
After evaluating a few outsourcers, I decided to work with Ant Force because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted. They were very responsive to these changes. I appreciate their quality of work, IT expertise.
MultiLevel Marketing