Logistics providers today have to become more flexible and fast

The digital transformation is a defensive action and it also creates opportunities for new business concepts, revenue generation, and improved efficiency
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Analysis your business requirement
and professional solutions

With huge followings on social media, the influencers have quickly made an impact on the industry. Third Pillar supports the deci­sion making process of business owner to improve their effectiveness and thereby efficiency of the enterprise. It also helps you to collect data to develop alternative or completely new product offerings for your customers.


We set goal to improve standard living

Reduce Expenses
Valuable information based on pre-set constraints help to save transportation cost.
Track Deliveries In Real Time
Efficient route schedule allows you to locate deliveries in real-time.
Better Billing Processes
Automation payment procedures can help you save cash and time spent on the paperwork.

to increase efficiency and boost output rates

Transparent Delivery Process
Feeling panick when items are missing?
System connects shippers, carriers, drivers and customers. Real-time delivery process is visible among multiple parties.
Intelligent Planning And Scheduling
Drivers waste time waiting for delivery shcedule at warehouse?
Transportation costs can be a big part of your company's spending. Based on pre-set rules and constraints, which combine with a path optimization engine, system automatically matches vehicle sources and plans transportation routes.
Order Management
Didn't know you can manage order in an easier way?
No automation means long hours, errors and missed deadlines. System support multiple business systems' data interface integration.
Transportation Plan
Struggle on planning transportation arrangement?
Flexible rules and strategy settings automatically select carriers and match transportation routes according to conditions.
Automatic Billing
Labour shortage slowed down billing process?
Powerful calculation engine automatically generates statements and automatically settles all related expenses.
KPI Analysis
Hard to measure employee's KPI?
Some jobs are difficult to quantify performance, logistic control tower controls all-round dynamics in real time, and automatically generates required reports and statements.

What client said about Our Services?

Thank you Ant Force provide the E-commerce platform services.
Ant Force was very helpful explaining exactly what the problem was and did everything necessary to resolve the issue. They were very patient with me and provided excellent customer service!
HoneyBeez Cafe
I would like to express my satisfaction on the service regarding the development of our website. Jack and the development team did a very professional job.
Look forward to working with Ant Force again in future projects.
MultiLevel Marketing System
After evaluating a few outsourcers, I decided to work with Ant Force because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted. They were very responsive to these changes. I appreciate their quality of work, IT expertise.
MultiLevel Marketing