Warehousing take responsibility for storing the goods.

With the demand for faster responses, warehouses need to scale up and meet the standards of an intelligent, efficient, and automated warehouse.
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Analysis your business requirement
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To keep pace with ever-evolving technologies and the advent of artificial intelligent, warehouse digitization has become the key for businesses to improve their bottom-line and maintain a strong competitive edge.

to increase efficiency and boost output rates

Increase Accuracy Rate To 99%
Missed deadlines and errors too often?
Inventory and items can be tracked through QR code managemant to increase the accuracy rate of warehouse.
Improve Efficiency
Employee wastes too much time and paper on picking and put-away?
System helps to improve efficiency of warehouse by suggesting the best routes and methods for picking.
Warehouse Management
Lack of manpower to manage a warehouse?
Warehouse management system supports a variety of receiving methods, help you to put on shelves through custom rules and strategies intelligently.
Outbound Management
How to speed up the outbound process?
Paper-based workflows bogging down your processes. System supports multiple picking strategies to achieve the shortest picking path.
Manpower Management
Manpower planning is poor?
The system has built-in task allocation rules, and provides overall order execution status and performance statistics reports for the ease of performance measurement.
QR code management
Barcode doesn't have the ability to store large data?
QR codes are good in this! QR codes provide the capability to hold much more comprehensive information for these systems to function properly.

We set goal to improve standard living

Reduce Operating Cost
Optimize warehouse flow by analyzing the best use of space based on the information of items for saving space and increase efficiency.
Inventory Visibility
Real-time information of inventory help to avoid out of stock problem.
Efficient Labor Management
Putting the right person in the right job is important, system can better assign the right task to the right person at the right time.

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