Digital transformation has attracted a lot of attention across the industry all over the world

Digital transformation in hardware and telecommunication industry involves integrating digital technologies into processes and products to increase efficiency and quality.
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Analysis your business requirement
and professional solutions

Hardware and telecommunication industry is facing new challenges in the ever-changing market. From changing customer requirements to rising operating costs, companies struggle with these problems. Third Pillar helps you overcome these challenges through our digital solutions. From customized system, advanced data management, and innovative business technology, hardware and telecom companies gain advantages they need to edge out the competition.


We set goal to improve standard living

Better Inventory Management
Allows you to manage your inventory in real-time and to know the number of products you own over a given period.
Better Purchasing and Supplier Order Management
Advanced reporting alaysis helps you to make better business decisions, it allows you to keep track of your hot-selling products.
Simple Reporting
Allows you to record and track sales, profitability and customer trends data with one click.
Provides Useful Information For Managers And Store Owners
Provides useful information of customers and products to makes business management easier.

to increase efficiency and boost output rates

Systematic dashboard features would help to track sales made in both brick-and-mortar and online stores.
Inventory Management
Whether it’s in stock or on backorder, status of every piece of merchandise are all under your control just in one system!
Reporting and Trends Analysis
Customized dashboard helps you to track sales, profitability and customer trends data.

What client said about Our Services?

Thank you Ant Force provide the E-commerce platform services.
Ant Force was very helpful explaining exactly what the problem was and did everything necessary to resolve the issue. They were very patient with me and provided excellent customer service!
HoneyBeez Cafe
I would like to express my satisfaction on the service regarding the development of our website. Jack and the development team did a very professional job.
Look forward to working with Ant Force again in future projects.
MultiLevel Marketing System
After evaluating a few outsourcers, I decided to work with Ant Force because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted. They were very responsive to these changes. I appreciate their quality of work, IT expertise.
MultiLevel Marketing